Busy, Busy/Tracey’s 30 Day Challenge

Well, my best friend finally had her wedding shower this past Saturday. I traveled up with my sister to go and throw it. It went very well – more people cam than we expected and she got some very nice gifts (can I say Kitchenaid mixer??). I am so glad it is over as it has been a huge source of stress for me. Now there is just work and school – something I have been greatly neglecting and not giving my full attention to.

Today also marks the start of a 30 Day Challenge hosted by Tracey from 95.1 SHINE-FM. Tracey challenged her listeners to try something they’ve always wanted to try for thirty days. I’ve decided to write a thank you note or note of encouragement every day. It will not be easy, especially since I already almost forgot today, but I am excited. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have never made the time for it. Hopefully seeing this post and the updates I will try to make will prove to be some motivation for me!

Today I will write to Mrs. Teresa White, our pastor’s wife. She is a great encouragement and a wonderful servant and I know I never thank her enough.