New Theme Color!

I decided to change my theme color from purple to blue! Do you like it?


Busy, Busy/Tracey’s 30 Day Challenge

Well, my best friend finally had her wedding shower this past Saturday. I traveled up with my sister to go and throw it. It went very well – more people cam than we expected and she got some very nice gifts (can I say Kitchenaid mixer??). I am so glad it is over as it has been a huge source of stress for me. Now there is just work and school – something I have been greatly neglecting and not giving my full attention to.

Today also marks the start of a 30 Day Challenge hosted by Tracey from 95.1 SHINE-FM. Tracey challenged her listeners to try something they’ve always wanted to try for thirty days. I’ve decided to write a thank you note or note of encouragement every day. It will not be easy, especially since I already almost forgot today, but I am excited. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have never made the time for it. Hopefully seeing this post and the updates I will try to make will prove to be some motivation for me!

Today I will write to Mrs. Teresa White, our pastor’s wife. She is a great encouragement and a wonderful servant and I know I never thank her enough.

(Slowly) Organizing

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of organization for me. I recently finished the school year, and am now only taking one summer class at a time while I work at the Christian day camp the school runs. Overall, the summer promises to be less busy than the school year, and I am making the most of my short break between jobs to start on the path to organization. It feels like wishful thinking, I know, even if you didn’t know my track record, but I am increasingly realizing that I do have too many unnecessary papers, trinkets, and stuff! So, I am making small steps to clean up the spaces in our house that are mine.

I started with my bedroom and closet space, organizing my wardrobe by color.

I then moved to my piano and bookcases, throwing away unneeded paper and moving things where they need to go. It’s a long and arduous process, but it feels SO fulfilling when it’s complete!

My next project is large, and will take quite some time. Like the others, it must also be maintained to be useful. I am organizing my email.

This task is huge for me because I have no fewer than three open email accounts already, and one is full to bursting. So full, in fact, that it frequently causes incoming messages to bounce. I was getting tired of this, and so created a completely new email account, imported two of my other accounts (leaving the junk mail account for just that – junk 😀 ) and am in the process of revamping my account. I suspect that I will eventually learn to live with just the two accounts, and that is my goal. I’ve been indirectly following the guidelines of Macworld and Lifehacker, and have found their ideas very helpful.

For now, the knowledge that I want to change and the little steps that I am taking as well as seeing the results of successful previous progress is a good catalyst to spur me on. We’ll see what I say tomorrow 😉

Working on updating…

Hello all,

I will be making a lot of changes hopefully within the next few days. Thanks for being patient!

~Lina 🙂