Ten on Tuesday: January 11

Here’s my first Ten on Tuesday post!

Ten on Tuesdays

Today’s topic is the 10 Best Movies You’ve Seen Lately. Mine are:

1. Tangled – HILARIOUS!!!!!! One of my favorites ever now! I am completely obsessed. I have the soundtrack, have pre-ordered the 4-disc combo pack, have the ornament, ordered the sheet music…it never ends!! Seeing it in 3-D was amazing – my first movie!

2. Voyage of the Dawn Treader – My 2nd movie and completely amazing! The 3-D in this film was to die for. It really felt like you were on the water as the movie immersed you. I loved the score, contrary to some, and I thought it held really well to the spirit of the books, even though some elements (green mist) were added. Edmund is my favorite character and has been from the beginning (gotta love Skandar too), and I was pleased that he had a major role in this film. This is one of my new favorites as well – definitely pre-ordering.

3. Inception – Wow. That’s all I can say. This movie is pure genius – Christopher Nolan is incredible. I have to watch this movie 45,654 more times to get everything out of it. The storyline is exceptional and the special effects and acting is amazing. I wish they had this in 3-D.

4. Alice in Wonderland – the special effects were amazing in this movie! I loved the strangeness of the story, unlike most of my family. Johnny Depp was outstanding, recreating the Mad Hatter in a way only he could do.

5. Letters to God – One of the saddest movies I’ve seen lately. I was crying throughout the whole film. This is such a sweet story and I love the fact that salvation is explained. I love the older brother’s song to his brother.

6. Toy Story 3 – We watched this Christmas Eve as a family. It is so sweet/sad/sweet. I think Toy Story 2 has the highest ranking out of the three, but this one provides a fitting ending. It is sad the Toy Story saga is over.

7. White Christmas – Classic Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby. This movie never fails to make me laugh especially in “Choreography”. I actually cried this time at the end when General Waverly’s division came. We have so many quotable lines from this movie.

8. Penelope – Ah, the modern Beauty and the Beast. What a lesson Penelope teaches – not to judge by appearances. Personally, I think Christina Ricci looks just fine with the pig nose 🙂 This has a great cast, especially James McAvoy (:D) and many great lines.

9. The Widow’s Might – Great homeschooler film!!!! This is a great family film that has a good message. The whole Moore family worked together with fellow homeschoolers and friends on this SAFF winner. Overall, a very clean, cute movie.

10. Pendragon: Sword of His Father – Watching this movie, you could not tell it was made by homeschoolers. Hundreds of people from many families came together to make this amazing film. The effects are great and while the storyline is nothing special, it is very clean, well done, pretty well acted, and well scored. The costumes are amazing as well. My brothers love the fighting and fire scenes, which are well choreographed.

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