Weekly Goals: September 9-15

I have set myself five weekly goals and will keep updated every day with how I am doing with accomplishing them!

1. Bake something from Pinterest for the school
-I’m going to try to bake something for the Christian school teachers every week or every other week.

2. Take care of 5 emails
-I have various emails to respond to that have been piling up for a few weeks. I just need to take care of them.

3. Post 30 Disney Pictures
-Our vacation pictures are just sitting on my phone/cameras. They need to be posted to Facebook!

4. Get down to 24,000 emails
-A HUGE number, I know. But at this very moment, I have 24, 840 emails sitting in my inbox and that number increases by almost a hundred every day. I have to start taking drastic measures to cut it down.

5. Re-advertise on Curriculum Groups (Curriculum & Piano)
-I have tons of curriculum/books to sell as well as my piano teaching business to promote. I’m a member of at least half a dozen Yahoo! groups and a few used curriculum websites too. I need to keep my listings updated so I can sell the curriculum.

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