Musing Monday: January 10

Here’s my first post of (hopefully) many Musing Mondays!

Musing Monday

This week’s musing asks…

Where is your favorite place to find new books to read? Blogs? The library? Newspapers? Magazines? In the backs of other books? Suggestions from friends/family? Online bookstores? On the shelves of the local bookstores? (I don’t necessarily mean, ‘where do you find books to buy’ — I mean, ‘where do you discover new titles that you add to your to-be-read lists’?).

I find the vast majority of my books at the library. We have a great library system and I can get most of my books through the interlibrary loan program. However, I get most of my suggestions from Shelfari. I ADORE this site! I’m a part of a bunch of book groups and they, along with browsing shelves and the site, give me most of my book ideas. Another big place I get books from is booklist books (books with lists of books). I have requested so many of these huge books that were written primarily for librarians, and now, me! I love looking through thousands of titles and summaries and writing down the interesting ones to look up. I also do get some from browsing the library and Amazon, and my mom will suggest a few as well.

Musing Monday is hosted by Should Be Reading. Go and check her out!


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